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WARNING – “Must-Have” Digital Solution Approaching

“Management are often so concerned about digital that they latch on to any idea, no matter how inappropriate. They want quick-fix solutions that will somehow solve digital. That makes them vulnerable to any charlatan with a digital product to sell.”
— Anonymous

We all find ourselves reading on a daily basis the current “must-have” within the digital arena that promises to revolutionise the way we engage with customers.

Marketing agencies are adept at selling these premium solutions. They portray these bolt-on advances as a must-have. But so many forget the old adage – one size does not necessarily fit all.

On my travels over the years I’ve come across a sad indictment of agencies who have deployed supposed solutions for clients with little or no return. By the time the client realises they have lost significant budget the horse has bolted – as has the agency in some cases.

Fortunately there is an increase in caution. Companies are realising that it is not beyond the spirit of engagement to ask for a period of testing to ensure that valuable budget is not wasted.

Whilst we hear that so many organisations are still climbing the educational hill when it comes to digital engagement what is essential is that this cautious note is applied on this journey.

There are some remarkable advances in technology that will surely change the way we all work and engage with each other. What we must not lose though is the ability to apply some sanity to the process of integration.

Baby steps will deliver far greater a return than taking great strides in the dark. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a current trend is a must-have. It may be a must-have from a marketing agency’s perspective, as a revenue generator, but it may not be from your perspective. If the agency is worth its salt they’ll be able to offer a period of testing, whatever the solution, to ensure you’re happy with the results.

We no longer need to work in the world of hit and hope – that’s the benefit of most new supposed golden bullets – they all come with a protective vest. You just need to remember to put it on before making those first steps.

Thank you, as always, for reading. Have a great day and forthcoming weekend.