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How to Maximize Your #ROI as an #Influen

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How to Maximize Your #ROI as an #Influencer #Marketing #DigitalHeadway

Author: Mike Lee

I work in the world of marketing services but with a different slant. For me it's all about relationships and adding significant value for both my partners and my clients. 25 years in Marketing -15 years at C-Suite level nurturing CMO contacts. 14 years offering SME level start-up support of agencies as well as working with Top 5 Global agency Interpublic group. 8 years supporting various agencies of all levels – putting an average of 70% turnover onto agency's books solely through my new business activity. I talk as a focused consultant rather than a sales person. I'm also of the view that the more good you do the more good you get back. Not everyone understands this ethos but those that do remain a client, partner and friend for the long-term. I believe that having open conversations and getting a view on the subject at hand works better than straight selling.

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