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Apply a Little Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

So, you wake up and the weather has reverted to a December like day (in the UK that is) with downpours and a drop in temperature sufficient to trigger the blues.

But, for me, applying PMA in any situation can drive the blues away not just for yourself but everybody around you.

One of my first conversations of the day was with a senior marketer who clearly had a touch of the blues. Now for most, given a less than warm reception, a graceful withdraw would have been in order. I decided to buck the trend, as I always try and do, and apply some positivity into the conversation.

Now the question is how? Well, there was a slight cheat here, as I’d noticed on his LinkedIn profile an interest in horses. So rather than opening up with a work related subject we talked about all things equestrian for the first few minutes. The Windsor Royal Horse Show had taken place at the weekend so that proved to be our opportunity to warm things up. After that we had a really in depth discussion on all things marketing and, by the end of it, we were suitably comfortable with each other to arrange to meet next month.

Whilst we all lead busy lives it’s easy just to focus on the job in hand and dismiss those that don’t fit our perceived “type” for whatever reason. But by applying a little PMA you can shine some light where darkness has taken hold.

Many years ago (and we’re talking many) I came across an expression “smile as you dial” and I’ve applied the approach ever since, either on the phone or face-to-face. It’s held me in good stead.

By having a positive outlook we can make a difference to others, in however small a way, and by making an effort you’ll always be surprised by the results.

There’s enough negative daily noise to easily become engulfed by the blues. Banish them with some PMA but, if all else fails, go and do something that triggers some positivity and then begin again – it works every time. People do not appreciate further negativity knocking on their door but they do appreciate someone making an effort to make a positive difference. For your actions personally are invariably perceived to be how you act commercially.

It’s a softer but still important subject to start the week but hopefully I’ve offered a little light whilst the blues hovers in the background, waiting to swoop,¬†whenever we allow it to.

Have a “positive” time ahead and thank you, as always, for reading.


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They’ll Never Run Any TV Campaigns – Really?

I’ve been struck down of late with what could be classed as a minor illness but now back fighting fit. In the short downtime I exposed myself to the vagaries of daytime television along with the odd box set and bouts of sleep, which triggered this post.

About 3 years ago I was carrying out some campaign work for a well-known marketing agency who were looking for potential new business within the retail sector. We put together the usual suspects and reached out to our respective networks to ask the question as to the potential to offer support within this area. The results were classed as good but would have been exceptional had the mindset not been “THEY’LL NEVER RUN ANY TV CAMPAIGNS”.

Well, lo and behold, in the last 10 days I’ve seen 3 major high street retailers venturing into the world of TV advertising for the first time. And we are not talking about the toe in the water approach – these are campaigns running across a variety of channels including TV.

Whilst I chuckle to myself I’m also frustrated as each of these had agreed for initial discussions but the agency declined.

The point here is that no matter what the potential timeline is companies need to persevere when it comes to relationship building so these opportunities bear fruit, even 36 months down the line.

By declining the opportunity to engage the marketing agency not only lost the opportunity to engage at the right time but they also lost the relationship because of their dismissive approach.

This is why I always bang on about the fact that any prospect activity, if collated correctly in terms of the right target audience, will never diminish in size. It may extend, time wise, as to likely commercial engagement but they will all remain active if nurtured for the long-term.

For me I need to crack on and play catch-up but thank you, as always, for reading and have a great last week of June and onwards.