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One Strike and You’re Out – Applying a tougher stance to Network Engagement

As we enter a New Year with renewed optimism I’m going to flag up an ongoing area that remains evident in the marketplace – the disconnect between marketers and marketing.


 ” The frustrations of engaging with disengaged marketers”

Let’s just focus on the true definition of marketing – Simply put “The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

So in essence “Promote and Sell” which brings me back to marketers. Whilst I accept that we are all busy at any particular time there still remains the continued game, as many put it, of:

  • Arranging meetings and then cancelling them on the day
  • Arranging conference calls and then not being available
    • Plus not even acknowledging by way of an apology their non-appearance
  • Marketers emailing a response to say “let’s get together” and then disappearing without any rhyme or reason

Back to promote and sell – how does any of the above correlate with marketing and promotion? Clearly it does not.

Now as I said we enter the New Year with renewed optimism. But that optimism, for it to remain unsullied, needs to have a certain science applied to it. And that science in my book should be one strike or you’re out (unless there is a definitive reason which is actually offered).


“Time to put your foot down”

I know many a contact who have applied this science to great effect. Because at the end of the day don’t you want to be working with those that are of a similar ilk to you? Engaging, open, looking to add value. If you don’t apply some kind of rule to the way you engage you could land up chasing your tail which will cause untold damage to your company.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am as patient as the next person but is not it time we drew a line under time wasters – those individuals that, by some miracle, have achieved seniority but lack any understanding of engagement and certainly little in the way of true marketing.

3 “One circle being marketers who know little about true marketing”

 Some may deem this blog as a negative tirade but, if you read through the never ending online streams of supposed “topical” content most of it misses the point – the genuine touch of someone that actually cares about what they write and who wants to add value rather than just selling at you.


“Look to add value not immediate profit to your bottom line”

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and every success for 2015, with the hope that more marketers “get” the engagement process for all it is worth and the value it can bring to them, both personally and professionally.