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Will Collaboration Become one of the Key Drivers for Growth?

As we enter December and plan for 2015 you only have to look at the myriad of feeds to see the word collaboration being used more often than not. But will collaboration become one of the key drivers for growth?

10 years ago I was still finding my feet in understanding the mechanics surrounding relationships. The digital world was evolving at an exceptional pace (and still is) and the tech world was becoming more and more ingrained into our lives, both personally and professionally. The aligned creation of hubs began to bring the smartest of people and organisations together and the collaborative element began to take shape. Rather than compete with each other they began to work with each other to the benefit of end users.

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With so many new ideas and technologies coming to the market there had to be a sea-change as to how people could use all these areas effectively within their organisations. And so was born the collaborative marketplace.

This marketplace still remains an unknown for many but surely, to work effectively in driving growth, collaboration will become even more essential. Not a day goes by where clear alignment between organisations does not fail to shine through.

We all work in a world where, through relationships and aligned focus for growth, these marry up to the point where it makes absolute sense to work together rather than as separate entities.

From a marketing perspective surely companies will not continue to follow the old route to market through misaligned relationships. With time issues and budgetary constraints remaining ever-present collaborative units, where end-to-end solutions can offer significant savings whilst not diluting exceptional outcomes, will become the norm.


It’s still a new way of working in many eyes but every conversation we have clearly strikes a chord. Moving away from the classic client supplier relationship to more of a collaborative unit will offer such significant value that companies will inevitably be driven to ever greater closer ties. If you can remove the supplier tag and become far tighter a unit then surely your company and its related growth will benefit.

I’ve been in the world of disconnection for many a year but I am pleased to see this factor have less of a presence generally. We’ve still a way to go but collaboration is slowly becoming part and parcel of our corporate make-up and will reap benefits for all within the collaborative unit, this I have no doubt.


For those that continue to run the gauntlet of pitch processes and disparate briefing sessions, with supplier relationships the norm, there will come a time when the penny will drop. Hopefully before the bell tolls for last orders and the proverbial horse has bolted.

Wishing my kind readers a pleasant forthcoming festive break and every success, I hope collaboratively, for 2015.

Thanks as always for reading.

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Driving Business Growth through Valued Relationships and Trust

I’m driven to write on the subject of relationships and trust primarily by a variety of experiences of late with those that clearly hold no value in such things.

Digital HeadwayI had an interesting conversation with a business owner last week who asked me the following – “what do you think is the key driver in establishing a business partnership?” Now, if you asked a 100 people this same question, I’m told you would receive a 90% response rate indicating “a need”.

Well, let’s throw my response out there – relationships and chemistry. I’m all for determining a business need through meaningful exchange but, to me, developing a relationship where chemistry is an essential element is the key driver – an authentic relationship in effect.

Digital HeadwayWhy do I think this? If we think about it logically, which is not a word often used in business, how long do you expect to be a partner (or a term I dislike intensely – supplier) without any evidence of chemistry or a relationship with an underlying understanding? Short-term at best.

For me chemistry is essential – it’s what bond us together in our personal lives and, in my book, works in the very same way in our professional lives. How can you possibly expect to have any form of a business relationship if there is a negative element clearly impacting?

There are regular examples of where, with all the will in the world, the mechanics of supporting an organization and an individual fails. No matter how much goodwill you apply to the relationship the bottom line is if you do not get on with each other, even on the fundamentals of a business relationship, how on earth can you expect to add value to each other’s world?

Digital HeadwayFortunately this audience does not represent the majority – we work in a world where business relationships are built on understanding and where the chemistry represents an essential element for all parties to work well together, in my opinion in any event.

Business challenges come from a level of trust, understanding and a willingness to share and collaborate. These are the real basics for driving exceptional relationships.

So, off the soapbox I step, but an impassioned statement to finish off with. It’s all and well and good identifying a business challenge. But, if the building blocks of a strong relationship are not in place, then delivering against the challenge will always be a struggle.

Thanks, as always, for reading.